Our Teaching Philosophy

Why do we care about financial literacy?

Financial literacy programs
Gineyda and Michael teach at Women’s Prison Association

Before the pandemic, we knew that people were not ready to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, before 2020, we knew that 40% of Americans could not meet a $400 financial emergency. Surely, the pandemic was an emergency that few could foresee. Therefore via our customized Foundation for Financial Success programs, we helped our communities remain confident and thrive during the pandemic.

At the core of our programs are these values: Empathy, Inclusion, and Safety

My Money Workshop never assumes what a person’s needs are. We believe everyone deserves this education. Therefore we believe that everyone should feel safe when they share personal details at our programs. None of our programs is alike, and we train our instructors to understand the nuanced needs of our participants.

My Money Workshop creates holistic, customized, programs that meet real needs. Our programs respond to a participant’s real-life circumstances. We guide them to understand their needs today to create a vision for a better tomorrow. Research shows that we all have different relationships to money. Whether it is cultural, socioeconomic, or any other driver, the decisions we make must make sense to us. 

Our programs:

•  Create real-time, applicable knowledge;

•  Help teens and adults maintain/establish healthy financial habits;

•  Change mindsets around the relationship people have to money;

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If you know of a school or organization where we can implement a My Money Workshop program, please email us at gineyda@mymoneyworkshop.org.