Activity: Download 52-week Savings Worksheet

If you have a limited budget, you can start building your emergency fund slowly by taking on the 52-week savings challenge. The way this works is that because there are 52 weeks in the year, you can build your savings slowly as you progress throughout the year. So, let’s say in the first week you save one dollar, on week two you save two dollars, on week 3, 3 dollars. You get the picture, on and on, until finally week 52. If you follow that pattern, by the end of week 52, you will have $1,378 in your emergency fund.

It’s a straightforward way to get a long-term savings plan accomplished you can alter the days change the amount as your income grows, but the goal is to get you into the habit of savings in a regular basis before Spanish can build up my financial future

Download this worksheet to stay on track during the challenge, here.