VIDEO: Reduce the Stress Caused by COVID-19 Introduction


Hello, Welcome to My Money Workshop’s course on Reducing your financial stress. We know that right now is a challenging time for everyone, and we are all experiencing a lot of anxiety. We hope that through these lessons, though, My Money Workshop can help you make a plan to stay on budget, reduce some of the stress and stay on target, especially when money is tight.

My name is Matthew Wank. I’ve been an investment banker for 25 years. I’ve been with My Money Workhop for about six months, and I’m actually personally going through a job change, and I’ve found that My Money Workshop’s techniques have been really helpful for me during that difficult time, and we hope that these same tools can help you during this difficult time.

My Money Workshop’s mission is to educate students like you to manage your finances wisely and to make a lifetime of informed decisions. Please note that we provide the following information for educational purposes during the live webinars, and is not intended to be, and should not be considered, advice with respect to your personal finances. Neither My Money Workshop nor its employees, contractors, agents or advisors are giving you advice regarding your personal financial circumstances and are not liable for the decisions that you make after attending our live webinar(s). Financial decisions involve risk, including risk of loss, and My Money Workshop is not responsible for any losses or decisions made.

Objectives: In this 4-part course, we will provide you with tools to manage your money during an emergency like this one. Hopefully, we will help Guide you through creating a plan to stay afloat

Which importantly is going to help reduce your financial stress. It’s really important to be prepared and stay positive – this is going to pass. If you’re prepared and have the right plan in place, you can get through this or any challenging situation.