The Impact of Your Support:

Financial literacy is a critical part of creating stability and success in one’s life. My Money Workshop has been able to use our donor’s contributions and our volunteers’ in-kind gifts to successfully impact our communities. Their donations are an investment in My My Money Workshop and our participants’ futures.

Financial Stability
1 %

Participants found their confidence in managing their long-term financial stability increased or increased greatly.

Likely To Start Budgeting
1 %

Participants found they are likely or highly likely to start budgeting.

workshop Success
1 %

Participants found the workshops helpful or very helpful in helping them understand how to manage their money.

“For our residents, financial literacy is essential for gaining and maintaining independence.”

Barbara Queenan

Program Director,
Crossroads Residence

Impacting Your Community

The cornerstones of our mission are an appreciation for community and our ability to innovate. We have delivered workshops at over 60 schools, colleges, and community partners, to over
16,000 workshop participants since our inception.

The Importance of Financial Literacy:

Financial literacy provides people in our community the peace of mind they need when managing all that life throws at them.

We continue to welcome new partners with differing needs and populations, requiring us to adapt and create programming that draws students in — no matter the demographic.

“I was afraid to get my credit score, but I went to Credit Karma like they told us at the workshop and then I was able to get a secure credit card. I put $99 down and have started using it – not using more than 50% of my available balance and paying on time like we were taught. Now my credit is into the 500s, which is amazing.”

Chris, a resident at Crossroads Residence, is on a journey to self-sufficiency. “My hope is that in a year I can get out of the house, get a credit card and an apartment. I was very skeptical, but my friend William went through the house (Crossroads) and the same program, and he raised his credit score by 100 points too, so I went. Alcoholism and addiction destroy your life, so I’m looking at this as a stepping stone.”

When asked what inspires him to keep going, Chris said “my 20-year-old daughter – my family really, but most of all my daughter. She is in college now. I had some money from the divorce and with what I’m making now, I can help her with half her college and her books, since it’s community college. It’s great to do that, even if it means I have to go without.”

Crossroads Residence provides safe and supporting housing for men recovering from alcoholism and substance abuse and is just one of many partners where we deliver customized programs. Our instructors look forward to our monthly workshops at Crossroads and we’re excited that we have been able to see such great success from the residents.

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Workshop Participant

Our Outcomes

214 Workshops in 2018

43% Increase in workshops over 2017

2,632 Workshop Participants

Since inception we have had over 16,000 workshop participants

60+ Clients Since Inception

We partner with all types of organizations including middle/high schools, universities, community based organizations, correctional facilities and many other types of programs.

99% Likely to Start Saving After Attendance

78% Likely to Open an Investment Account

35+ Volunteer Instructors

Your financial contribution today will be an investment in the lives of our participants and allows us to continue to build partnerships that affect our communities daily.

Join Us in empowering people in their journeys to self-sufficiency.