My Money Workshop Students Share Their Financial Visions

My Money Workshop’s mission is to educate people to manage their finances wisely and to make a lifetime of informed decisions.​

My Money Workshop is a financial literacy organization that provides participants with actionable steps for a better tomorrow. Our programs provide tactics that empower our participants to learn to advocate for themselves as they begin or return to their financial journey. We teach our participants that there is power in knowledge.

Our History

My Money Workshop was founded in 2009 by Dick Yaffa, a Bedford, NY philanthropist. Dick loved giving back to his local community and would often visit his alma matters to speak to students. After several conversations with numerous college and high school students, Dick saw that students and young adults entering the workforce lacked knowledge about the fundamentals of money management and other basic financial skills. These students were beginning their careers in the midst of the 2008 recession, with many external factors affecting their prospects, and Dick made it his mission to educate students to help them understand the potential that financial literacy could have on their lives. Dick knew that students could be given tools that would help teach them learn to make positive financial decisions and create a better financial vision for their lives. That first year, My Money Workshop served over 300 students, including over 100 at Sarah Lawrence College, which is still a client to this day.

After Dicks’ sudden passing in 2015, his family was even more committed to furthering and expanding his legacy. In 2017, the organization developed a strategic plan that culminated in hiring the organization’s first-ever executive director in September 2018.

After an exhaustive search, Gineyda Diaz was hired to helm the organization. Gineyda came to us with almost 20 years’ experience in nonprofits operations and development. Gineyda helped to build on the foundation that Dick created and since then our organization has doubled our impact.


"The students were intently focused on the topic and asked a lot of good questions. A few of them have stopped by to tell me how much learned."

Deidre Sepp
Career Development Director, Marist College

"The students reallllllly loved that session. We definitely want it again for next year!!"

Ellen Bourhis Nolan
Director of Career Development, Mount Saint Mary College

"I enjoy and always look forward to the program because I learn so much about how to save, track and budget. I like that they teach us how to use money wisely."

Leadership Teen at the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester

How does My Money Workshop work? ​

My Money Workshop partners with public/private high schools, colleges, universities, specialty schools and community-based organizations to deliver highly interactive workshops to students and community members. We have created financial literacy courses designed for all audiences from school aged kids, college students, individuals in prison re-entry programs, and retirement communities among others. Workshops are delivered by Volunteer Instructors who are experts from all financial industries. Our goal is to continually work with the school or community agency to identify the content that will resonate best with students.

What differentiates us from other nonprofits that offer financial literacy workshops?

My Money Workshop collaborates prior to the workshop date with host teachers and department heads at schools and organizations to ensure that we are best meeting the students’ and community members’ needs.  What truly sets My Money Workshop apart from other financial literacy organizations is that we customize every single presentation. We spend the time to learn what every client is looking for so that students can receive age- and audience-appropriate content. 

How do I know that My Money Workshop is a socially responsible organization?

My Money Workshop complies with all regulations stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service for all organizations with 501 (c) 3 status. My Money Workshop upholds the highest standards, fiscally as well as with governance. My Money holds a Guide Star Platinum Seal. Our most recent 990 can be found here