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We cordially invite you to continue staying home and join us for a Halloween Costume event that will be the easiest, most stress-free Halloween you've ever celebrated (and no worries about eating all that candy!).

No Zoom call. No group chat. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?

Americans are expected to spend 2.6 billion on costumes this Halloween. We invite you to stay home and invest your funds at My Money Workshop.  Instead, YOU  can donate and not attend this Haunting Event.

A donation in lieu of all the preparations for a frightful event will help students and low-income adults throughout the tri-state area create better financial visions.

It’s as easy as saying, “BOO”!

Please click below to reply and let us know the reason why you are NOT attending:

Going outside is too scary: $20 

I’ve had my limit on candy for the year: $50

I don’t look good in white (ghost/zombie) or green (Kermit): $75

I’d rather have wine and relax: $100

Name your donation: any amount