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Financial Literacy Seminars and Programs

Our Financial Literacy Programs are interactive and customized per audience. No one program looks the same, however below is a list of our core program and curricula. The curriculum incorporates the following topics, and when possible may be customized to meet specific requests the school or organization may have.

Why Customize?

At My Money Workshop, we know that everyone has a different relationship with money. Whether starting with a one-time or a more in-depth Foundations for Financial Success Program, we seek to meet participants where they are and will offer personalized solutions.

  • Some seminars are also available in Spanish

Through 2021, programs are offered virtually and in-person (where possible). My Money Workshop operates on a fee-for-service structure. Please see details below.

1-2 hour Live Webinar or In-person informational Session ($350, complimentary if included in Foundations for Financial Success Series)
• Serves to identify needs of the participants and pre-cursor to Foundations for Financial Success or Foundations for Financial Success PLUS+ (additional fees)
• All participants are surveyed to gather information that will help guide the creation of curriculum for a specific audience

  • Live Webinar, Pre-recorded, or In-person ($650)
  • 2-hour seminar for organizations with rotating populations
  • Fundamentals of Money Management for individuals. All participants receive a money management and budget/expense tracking tool
  • +2 topics
  • Pre-recorded available via your own page on our website
  • + Additional topics (additional cost)
  • Live Webinar or In-person ($2,400+)
  • A multi-part program for children and adults (1-2 hour workshops, framework customized
    for each audience)
  • My Money Workshop has identified a proven curriculum that allows participants to build a
     foundation, which will provide them with a strong vision to embark on their journey to becoming economically self sufficient.
  • Foundation for Financial Success Programs are customized to fit participant needs. An example of a program is below.
  • Intro to Basic Money Management
    • Importance of being financially responsible and
  • Setting SMART financial
  • Budgeting
    • Importance of expense tracking and budgeting, Creating a budget
  • Budget Management
    • Tips and hands-on activities
  • Banking and Savings
  • Importance of saving and having a bank account
    • Opening a bank account
    • Establishing an emergency fund
    • Includes One-on-one coaching
  • Complimentary Discovery Session
  • Additional topics available at $600 per topic

Our Core Topics

Topics include:

  • Budgeting 101: Where is all my money going? I
    need a budget! 
    • Expense Tracking
    • Creating a Budget
    • Budget Management
  • My Paycheck – What are all these deductions?
  • Smart Banking
    • Banks/Debit Cards – Which one is right for me?
    • Be smart banker
  • Credit Cards: The Good and The Bad
  • Understanding Credit Scores, including “how to tips” to maintain/improve credit score
    • Credit Score – What is it and why is it so important?
    • Credit Report: What is it, and how do I manage it?
  • Identity Theft: Protecting Yourself Online and In-person

Additional Topics Also Available:

  • Managing The Pitfalls of Debt
  • Insurance: What do I need to know?
  • Moving Out: Can I afford it?
  • How to Prepare Financially After College
  • Home Buying: Preparing Yourself Financially Before Becoming a Home Owner
  • Savings: You come first!
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Investment Basics
  • Tax Time

Guest Speaker Workshops

Guest speaker programs are also available. My Money Workshop has volunteer industry specialists. We can make arrangements to bring in local professionals working in various industries. The following represents a sample of industries:

  • Banking
  • Automobile (purchasing & leasing)
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Retail (example – supermarkets)

Our guest speaker workshops are offered after the completion of our financial literacy workshop. Additionally, schools and organizations that have a financial literacy program of their own have found our guest speaker workshops to be complementary to their efforts, as they bring a wealth of knowledge and cover many relevant topics.

Volunteer Instructors – My Money Workshops are taught by volunteer instructors with a background in money management and economics. Learn more about our instructors

Already know what you're looking for?