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Volunteer Instructor Efforts

My Money Workshops are taught by volunteer instructors with a background in money management and/or economics.

My Money Workshop offers our volunteer instructors teaching as well as other opportunities. If you choose to teach, the commitment to volunteer is very manageable … a few workshops a year... minimum once a quarter, so you can stay connected to the new content and the direction of the organization. Opportunities to volunteer on a more frequent basis are also available. Prior to teaching for My Money Workshop, volunteer instructors need to go through an onboarding process where they observe two workshops, co-teach two workshops, do one final teaching/co-teaching, and finally become an ACTIVE My Money Workshop Instructor.

Length of workshops are based on particular school/program needs and typically range from 1 to 2 hours.  Presentation and handout(s) are e-mailed to client approximately one week before the scheduled workshop. Volunteer instructors provide a survey link to participants on day of the workshop to access/complete pre- and post- surveys.

Prior to the workshop date … My Money Workshop collaborates with the host teacher, department head, etc. to ensure that we are best meeting the needs of the students and/or community members attending our workshops.

Helpful Facts

  • My Money Workshop is a not for profit corporation that was founded in 2009 by Richard A. Yaffa
  • My Money Workshop provides financial literacy workshops at public and private middle and high schools, universities, various community based organizations and institutions in the New York Tri-State area
  • My Money Workshop teaches students/community members everyday basic money management skills. Both English and Spanish versions of our workshops are available. Financial literacy workshop series and one-time workshops are offered
  • Financial literacy workshops enable students/community members to understand and evaluate the many everyday decisions they will be required to make in the months and years to come
  • Strategies are provided to help students/community members better manage their money
  • Financial literacy workshops prepare students/community members to make smarter financial decisions that will help them avoid costly and long lasting financial mistakes in the future