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John, JCC Manhattan Adaptations Program participant

The students were intently focused on the topic and asked a lot of good questions. A few of them have stopped by to tell me how much learned.

Deidre Sepp
Career Development Director, Marist College

The quality of Dick’s presentation was evident by the level of thoughful and often challenging questions asked by the students throughout both sessions.

Angela Cherubini
Director, Career Counseling, Sarah Lawrence College

We plan on having them return next year to offer workshops to our new students in the spring and fall semesters.

Edina R. Oestreicher
Dean of Students, University of Bridgeport

You are making a difference! My students have been speaking to me since your visit about how they have changed their behavior and now allocate less money towards discretionary expenses. I even had several students mention saving for retirement! Keep up the good work!!

Marilyn Wehr
Counselor, Housatonic Community College

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the extraordinary job you did to continue the relationship we began several years to develop and implement the “practical” economics program. Your work these past two years with Neal Shultz as been exemplary. I know how dedicated you have been to the project and it’s refinement over the past several years. It certainly has enhanced our economics instruction and has made a lasting impact on many of our Seniors. I would also like to acknowledge your My Money Workshop Volunteer Instructor, Ms. Vicki Gold for her help throughout the year. So, again I offer my gratitude to you for the taking time to work with us and I hope that you will want to continue the program next year.


Again, my sincere appreciation for all you have done on behalf of the students of New Rochelle High School!

Steven Goldberg
Social Studies and Business Education Department Chair, New Rochelle High School

Thank you all very much for taking time this weekend to help with the Upward Bound Workshops. Not only did you give up your precious Saturday morning, but you also ran phenomenal workshops that taught the kids a lot of extremely useful information. All morning today I have been asking the kids what they thought of the Workshops, and every student I have seen has said that he or she learned something he/she didn’t know before and something that will be useful in managing his/her finances in the future. Specifically, most enjoyed the budget worksheet (especially the Starbucks reference!) and learning about credit scores.

Kirby Mosenthal
Coordinator, Upward Bound and Counseling Services for Mercy College/Sleep Hollow High School

I look forward to scheduling future sessions during the academic year.

Susan Smith
Assistant Director for Employer Relations, Vassar College

The students reallllllly loved that session.  We definitely want it again for next year!!

Ellen Bourhis Nolan
Director of Career Development, Mount Saint Mary College

On behalf of the Community Center of Northern Westchester, I am writing to extend my gratitude to My Money Workshop for helping us with the financial seminar for our ESL students.


The comments from the participants given last night at the end of the seminar, were very positive.


We are very proud of the group of students, and we thank you for helping us to enable them become more self-sufficient.


We look forward to working together with you in the future.

Manuel Méndez
Program Manager, Community Center of Northern Westchester

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information with the students at Concordia College. I really enjoyed your presentation and wish I had the advantage of attending such a program when I was in college.


I look forward to coordinating future programs.

Laura Grevi
Director of Career Development, Concordia College

I would like to invite you to come to my class this semester with your program. It was the students favorite class.

Marlys Rizzi
Program Manager/Corporate Outreach, University of Connecticut/Stamford Campus School of Business

Thank you for putting together another wonderful, educational experience that our interns truly enjoyed.  They learned so much about money management and financial success that I’m sure they will use their paychecks wisely from now on.

Thanks again for making a difference in the lives of our students!

Joyce A. Smith
Supervising Assistant, District Attorney for Queens Special Prosecutions, Kew Gardens, NY

I am completely confident that MMW will be incredibly successful at the WPETC.  So glad to have you!

Linda Puoplo
Deputy Commissioner, Department of Planning City of White Plains

I enjoy and always look forward to the program because I learn so much about how to save, track and budget. I like that they teach us how to use money wisely.

Leadership Teen at the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester

In My Money Workshop I am learning how to manage my money and save. I am also learning new ways to use a credit card and how to keep a good credit score. This is helpful because it will help me in the future.

Leadership Teen at the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester