Our mission is needed as much today as it was when we were founded. We partner with local schools and community organizations to create customized and innovative financial literacy workshops for students ages 12 – 23 and adults 24-50+.

We teach people to understand the decisions they make about money so they can build positive financial futures.

Our goal is to work with the school or community agency to identify the content that resonates best with participants. Each session is customized to fit the workshop participant’s needs.

Our staff and instructors afford the same high standard and quality efforts to clients and participants across all our client partners.

Foundation for Financial Success

Plus other programs

4-part series for children and adults (1-2 hour workshops, framework customized for each audience)
– My Money Workshop has identified a proven curriculum that provides an in-depth overview of the following four core topics, which will provide participants with a strong foundation to embark on their journey to becoming economically independent
– Intro to Basic money management
o Terminology
o Importance of being financially responsible
– Budgeting and Budget Management
o Goals Setting
o Importance of expense tracking and budgeting
o How to create a budget
o Budget Management, tips and hands-on activities
– Banking and Savings
o Participants learn the importance of savings and having a bank account
▪ Personal savings
▪ Smart Shopping Tips
▪ Managing future income and planning
– Credit and Debt management
o Managing a bank account
o Types of credit
o Impact on credit score
o Tips for managing debt
Additional signature topics available, where applicable:
o Field trip to local banks, restaurant, or grocery store
o Student loans
o Investing
o Homebuying
o Guest speaker workshops, etc.

1-2 hour informational workshop
– bilateral conversation with participants to determine the needs of the participants and pre-cursor to Foundations for Financial Success or Foundations for Financial Success PLUS+
– Review Terminology
– All participants are surveyed to gather information that will help guide the creation of curriculum for that specific audience

1-2 hour workshop for organizations with rotating populations
– Review of Fundamentals of money management for individuals using MMW Money Management flyer and budget and expense tracking tool

6 monthly workshops to year-long series for children and adults (customized for each audience)
– Beyond the foundations. Each session allows the participants to delve deeper into each topic.
– Includes all topics in Foundations for Financial Success and can include all My Money Workshop 13+ curriculum topics
– In depth education on all money management, debt, credit, and savings topics
– One-on-one coaching to help each participant stay on track