EJ Hernandez Tells Us Why Financial Literacy Is Important

The Importance of Financial Literacy

My Money Workshop emphasizes the importance of financial literacy to each participant within our programs. Our passionate staff and instructors offer valuable advice that can benefit one’s financial journey. Our mission is to educate teens and adults to manage their finances wisely and make a lifetime of informed decisions. In an effort to grow our organization, we have created several internship positions for youth and young professionals to learn valuable skills that will help them as they begin their careers. We asked our newest intern, Esai, to share what he has learned so far.

My name is Esai Hernandez and I am a marketing intern here. I have been amazed by the work ethic and passion of each staff member. Everyone here wants to show how important financial literacy is to the public. I’ve seen that the instructors are willing to go above and beyond to stress to participants the power in knowledge. While at MMW, my goal is to help via our marketing to rally others to make financial literacy a driving value.

Educate the Youth

High schools and colleges are not preparing students for the future. It’s crucial for young people to educate themselves on methods that are capable of leading to wise financial decision-making. I’m currently a senior in college and I’ve never had a class that teaches students how to be financially secure. It should be noted that even basic math courses seem to ignore highlighting the significance of financial literacy to students.

I have worked for MMW for just a few weeks. However, I have already learned many beneficial strategies that are capable of impacting my future. Age is not a factor while attempting to learn how to properly manage your finances. It’s never too late or early to increase your knowledge on financial literacy. Also, it’s important to engage in more conversations centered around financial literacy.

Financial literacy is just as important as the other core subjects or classes that schools offer to students. Schools must emphasize the importance of financial literacy. Moreover, there are many students who need to be educated on how to make secure financial decisions. Educating youth on how to be financially secure is important. This way schools will direct their students towards a successful future.

Parents and guardians should engage with their children in financial discussions. Adults must prepare the youth for their own independent financial journey. In other words, do not wait until your child is grown to teach them how to properly manage their finances.

Watch EJ talk about why financial literacy is important to him here.

Learn More about My Money Workshop

We host workshops in many schools located within the NY Tri-State area. Our programs provide teens with guidance that can impact the start of their financial journey. Additionally, our programs are tailored to each participant of the school. We ensure that each participant is capable of learning strategies that can be implemented in their future financial decisions.

We educate communities on the importance of financial literacy. We believe that people must learn how to properly manage their finances in a safe and intelligent manner. Furthermore, we use our platform and resources to forward the mission of financial literacy to the public.

For more information on our mission, volunteers, and amazing instructors, please visit our website: https://mymoneyworkshop.org/