How engaging do you need to be when you teach on Zoom? VERY.

How engaging do you need to be when you teach on Zoom? VERY.

My Money Workshop’s diverse programs during the COVID-19 lockdown are reflective of the vast need that you help us meet every day. After months in lockdown mode, we are may be a little Zoomed out. We are working tirelessly to create customized virtual programs that are even more engaging because of the medium. Conversations during our live webinars have to be more animated. Especially when the people across from your screen are wearing masks!

One of the challenges our instructors face is engaging a bunch of squares on a screen. Things we took for granted, we can’t anymore. And rightfully so. Teaching via Zoom is a new experience for all and we have all tried to create ingenious ways to build up the engagement during the workshops.

What would you do if you had all the money in the world? This is only one of the questions we have used at our recent seminars to get a conversation going with young students. The answers across the board have been honest, aspirational, and enlightening.

“Travel,” “Buy the Knicks,” “Continue to do art,” are some of the goals that came through the chat box at a recent Rye Country Day School webinar. Other programs have elicited similar answers.

My Money Workshop and our instructors always push to engage participants and we continue to learn through this process. As we embrace ‘our new normal’ I am proud that together we are continuing to help our students reach their financial goals.

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